Last night, for the first time in a very long time I decided to go to "Chantal's House of Shame", a desperately funny party (small, crazy with great music). At 01:00 in the morning, I put my dancing shoes on and walked down the street to the new location.
I haven't been to Chantal's for ages, because I fell in love there (unhappily) last time, so I tried to stay away - and then, last night I heard they have a new location: Closer, bigger and with less memories.
Chatal calls herself "Berlin's only man with tits". At 02:00 she usually presents the worst drag queen of town on stage, to sing something awfull (last night someone lip synced to "Bright Eyes" of Simon and Garfunkel I was told). I did not stay to see the show, but left early, as I needed to be fresh in the office at 08:00 this morning. 
But, as I have had so many good nights at Chantal's, I thought I should share.

The party always takes place on Thursday nights, and there is no reason to appear before 01:00. The crowd is rather mixed - electro-glam/electro punk music predominate, but as the night wears on, the music gets funkier and funkier.
The crowd varies from "H&M Gay Sisters" to Elctro Punk Punks, last night there was a huge armada of woman and men with more tattoos you could shake a stick at, not to mention the piercings and leather jackets they were sporting. 
Designer Sneakers, the smell of money, but the look of "If you were a drag queen I would have thought you are cool, but as a woman you really stink"... Understatement, fun and arse-ing around in a healthy, friendly way.
Entrance is €6,-, Beers cost €3,-/bottle (500ml) and you get to chat as well as there a few lounges, and most of the people are very talkative... get it?
The new location is called "Bassy" in the basement of the Pfefferberg - 176a Schönhauser Allee (M° Senefelder Platz).
What a bnice alternative to the Tourist over run "Berghhain" - here you still get a feeling of "Berlin". The award for the best T-Shirt goes to: "Your'e so... Boring - Berlin 2002"