I'm a photographer for the following reason:

I like to capture a memory that I can have forever in my wallet, album or wall
I want to notice the details and to show my own way to see things
It make me see beauty everyday, I think photographer have a different vision
Photography allow me to fully live in present and to enjoy each moment
It make me forget about my worries
Stimulate me to share a moment with important peoples in my life
As I try to paint, play music unsuccessfully, photography is my art expression
It's is a great challenge to improuve my picture skill because I have to go out of my confort zone
I can share my perspective and vision of a moment
I can express myself and share my emotion with others
I like to receive comment from others, that help me to improuve my photographic skills
Comment help me to judge the impact of a picture over others eyes
Picture must tell a story, the story you saw and share with others
Take me somewhere I have never been / saw before
Getting closer and closer to what I'm interested in
Make me feel an emotion
Can make others feel this emotion
Make others peoples think and react
Remeber someone who has passed away
Allow me to learn about myself
Preserve the big and small moment in my life
I like to enjoy photos and memories with loved one and friends
Others photographers that I enjoy the work are inspiration
Cature a feeling, not just an apperance
Help peoples to see beauty in themselves
I can have a little part of doccumenting history
I can feel I make others happy
For me it is a healing, a therapy and meditation when I take picture
With picture I can travel in time
I can communicate across language and culture barrier

For all of that I really think than photographer have a longer life and live forever because your pictures are legacy for familly and friends, a trace that you are there with your loved ones!

For all of that picture is important component in my life and my way to express myself throught it.

Why picture is important for you?