I wrote an article few month ago about a project that I have call ''Hourglass''. It was a Canadian contest that I want to participate by sumetting 40 pictures in 8 themes. By rules I can have more than 2 pictures by themes and can't participate in more than 4 themes. 7 of my pictures are now selected for a participation to the final round. I want to tanks all peoples who take time to send me mail and comments about technical, choice, adjustement, your help was precious!

It was fun to go out of my confort zone since I usually just take Landscape pictures and to try different subject, I learn a lot during this assignment and I'm happy to had explore new subject, Architecture was the hardest one because all adjustements to obtaining a natural-looking perspective.

This project took me a lot of time and that's why I was less present in groups in the last month.

I'm pretty happy to see somes on my pictures selected on 5 themes (I have to select on which 4 I want to participate and let a theme :-() I was crossing my finger to have at least one, an unexpected results that I can't beleve. I finally decide to participate in Nature, Architecture, Animals and divers with 7 pictures letting down Human theme..

Here the pics token bu the jury, next step is the jury selection in April 2014. I don't really expect to be a finalist, but just to have pictures invited to this contest is a great acheivement for me.


www.ipernity.com/doc/danyelphoto/28396757">u1.ipernity.com/39/67/57/28396757.ec296131.500.jpg?r1" height="334" width="500" />


Pont Mercier B&W
www.ipernity.com/doc/danyelphoto/28109717">u1.ipernity.com/39/97/17/28109717.e4ae7f78.500.jpg?r1" height="334" width="500" />

Shadow Stairs
www.ipernity.com/doc/danyelphoto/28988347">u1.ipernity.com/40/83/47/28988347.c9d65713.500.jpg?r1" height="500" width="251" />


Walking Water
www.ipernity.com/doc/danyelphoto/26520053">u1.ipernity.com/33/00/53/26520053.b78e5935.500.jpg?r1" height="334" width="500" />

www.ipernity.com/doc/danyelphoto/26312621">u1.ipernity.com/36/26/21/26312621.1659a87d.500.jpg?r1" height="334" width="500" />


www.ipernity.com/doc/danyelphoto/27537909">u1.ipernity.com/38/79/09/27537909.0d043f0a.500.jpg?r1" height="375" width="500" />

Les fantomes du chateau
www.ipernity.com/doc/danyelphoto/28528569">u1.ipernity.com/39/85/69/28528569.5598597d.500.jpg?r1" height="500" width="417" />