This is a business POV of what is the crisis now here on Ipernity for Icon, Command lines and seen in. It is not a judgement, just a point of view of an Ipernity customer.

Ipernity want us as customer, They want to incerease their customer base, I came here, read the rules at the moment I came, and nothing explicit or a lot of grey zone in the Ipernity rule bible allow me to post Icon, Banner, Seen in. It was april 2013 with a free account.

In June they (Ipernity) change rules, as proof that rules can be changed. I don't really know why they do it, maybe pressure from the establish base membership, that I don't know and I don't care but it affect my customer experience here. All of us, new here, after paying our subscription 1 month before was consider as devils for using Icon, comments, seen in or all stuff like that. If I was knowing it before I won't invest a single penny and effort here to build groups and create interaction between peoples. Hey I'm not on Ipernity's payroll, the time I spend here holding a group is free and benevolent.

We was new here, some want to make things different, not build a new Flickr here as many thinks, but just to be comfortable as customer paying for a services in our new home and then renew subscriptions for years and years. Some of us want to invest time developing groups, first to continue with their old contacts moving too in this new space and to create an interaction with peoples to be able to establish new friends here. All of this is very beneficial for Ipernity, more they grow, more they will able to invest in this great site and all members will have more services better features. The different option offers to reach a larger number of members will be for Ipernity a fantastic opportunity to grow.

In a business overview, what are rules in Busniss, Where do they come from and why they sometime must be changes in a business overview?

Here from Ipernity a business who want to have more customer, to increase his customer base and to succeed for having a return on their investment as any entreprise. I believe in it too since I was in a sucessuful business for 25 years as stakeholder and I fully understand what is it to lunch an entreprise with venture capitalisation.

The first rule in enterprise change management is to re-invent rules as you grow, if you don't you just dead as 80% of all strat-up in earth within 4-5 years window. The agility to do change management to become from small to medium is the hardest part of an entreprise evolution, easy to be small and to be big, but hard to be in the middle. To succeed entreprise have to adjust strategy with his market and for that entreprise have to be very agil and have to changes rules often.

Why do you think Kodak did bankruptcy? They was static and narrow minded in there changes of rules and busniss philosophy. Now why do you think Apple was close to banrupty and become the largest share on planet, they had changes rules and apply these changes Steve Jobs was a specialist to do that.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is a value in certain rules. Rules like it is not OK to kill someone, to drink and Drive or to text while you are driving. Great rules. Totally on board, but for me it is more law than rules and I follow laws. Here I speak in a busniss perseptive.

Now, the reality is a lot of Ex-Flickr are here, and a lot to come with the announced changes on flickr beta interface who is coming soon. There's an opportunity window large open for Ipernity!

Now we invited our friends from flickr to come here because we believe it was a cool place, had pay a club membership and now we feel undesired. A big tempest for a stupid Icon, command line, seen in as that is just incredible, I really don't understand why Ipernity let it degenerate like this? Just close all groups with such malefic Icons, command lines and seen in... and everything will be solve, then we will understand that Ipernity, the entreprise don't want to have us as customer, just offer us a refund for the annual subscription we made and laready paid and I will quit. But it had to come from Ipernity because I pay my service to them, not from a small group of refractive peoples, members as we are. Ipernity have to decide and to moderate in concequence and then live with their business decision for their future and their return on investment.

They want my money, I agree since I'm a club member. They want to keep me, no problems as any customer I have to appreciate the product and I will renew if I have satisfaction, that's what we call Customer Loyalty and, on a business as Ipernity based on recurrent membership it's important to change as they grow.

Conclusion (my personal POV)

Conformity is the killer of creativity and as photograph or artist it is natural to break rules as all pictures should be rules of third, all picture must in focus, a painter can't do impressionism. For me rules are guidelines not a religion or a law. Where the human will be if no one was breaking the rules? Conforming to rules set down is like getting on the train to mediocrity central.