If you are a group admin, I'm sorry to had quit and remove my pictures from you group. In many of those I was really involved on and on some less, but I regulary posted pictures in your groups and comment others work, with comment code, comment line and written comment depending of your group rules that I was aware by joining your group. I never just put a graphic Icon or a comment line, I try to always put a personnal comment, for me it's important since it was at the base why I qwuit Flickr.

Today Ipernity menace Nature Fine Pictures Gallery to be closed for use of graphic Icon see www.ipernity.com/group/nature-gallery/discuss/150641 for details, I want to remove all my picture from each single group just in case Ipernity lock my account because I'm not a sheep and react to this mail. I wrote an article about mu thinking about Ipernity message www.ipernity.com/blog/355309/565963

Nothing personnal to leave your group, I like them a lot, but now my future is uncertain on Ipernity. I hate grey zone and there's on on this what we can or not.

If you are a group Admin maybe you are in the same situation, if you use a comment line it's according to Ipernity rules an advertasing of your group (A spam for them) and maybe you will be soon in the same shit than we are now.

Anyway, I will be glad to come back, to participate as I used too as soon as this situation will be solve. If you are a group admin using graphic icon or comment code to build your community (what they call an advertasing or spam) please help on commenting the previous topic. It's not just our fight here, if so we already lost.

Thanks for your understanding and support!