I remember 14 weeks ago when I finally took decision to leave Flickr and give a try to Ipernity since, for me, it was looking as a space that think can be better as it was looking as an open minded community.

Since I'm here, I feel that my involvement with each single contributors help them to improuve their photographic skills, I receive almost 20-30 Ipernity mails per week about LE tips, How to judge a picture, technical tips, how picture can be a sideline in these hard time and so on. I respond to each single individual inquery and invest a lot of my personnal time to help, thanks for asking so much things, it make me feel to have an impact for someone and for me it's a source of valorisation. That time I spend represent for me to help others and this is an important value in my life and for my familly members.

Now because of a stupid graphic Icon, we receive a menace from Ipernity to close this group, to ban us for such use because that's an advertise of our community. Comment line pointing to a group is not since Ipernity tolerate this. Why rhis iniquality, same fonction, just a different style.

What is the choice? To be a lamb? Not really my kind. Let the group be close by a grey zone created by Ipernity in their rules? Not really an option since I love peoples in this group, open minded and supportive, commenting a lot, not as robot but as real persons. In fact what Ipernity put in their own rules!

Really pissed off by that situation, that message just represent for me that I had invest for nothing and a huge lost of time. All my motivation to repond help others and all time we past to prepare contest, contacting peoples is now fallen just because the poorest human beign jalousy push peoples to complain about the use of graphic Icon to make us close. Why, just because they try since 2 - 3 years to make group as us and they just suck to do it, not my fault, look on a mirror and you will see who is the cause.

Anyway, I will in the next few days think about all of that, It's very hard for me to just think that maybe that story is finish when the main community and sister group was in progress, group icon did that? No it was your involvement memebers, the quality of your art and comment. But not maybe it is finish, we don't know even if we ask you to dont use graphic Icon.

Please help if you want, no obligation, by giving us support in this subject, Please don't let 3 or 4 narrow minded individual close you community, please repond to Lea on the discussion thread.

Next days will guide us of what will happen... Sorry...


Just receive a mail of a friend here, look at what he said.

why should we have to be dictated to by the minority , we should not run away , be beaten , we should stand up for our views and be counted ,

If ipernity staff was constantly bombarded with mails from admin and members of groups , then they would have to give in at some point . but if the other admin and members want to bury there heads in the sand !! then it will not work .

Or we all behave like sheep and go back to same ole , stale ipernity !!