In the land of dreams, in the sea of life, silver fish swim through dancing colours. The personal reality flows inward, flows outward.

Clouds pass by the moon.

Tired and dreamless, lost in the fogs of productivity. Marshalling resolve, the lone ronin presses on through the bamboo forest. Later, the fish will swim again ...

Goldfish. In a bowl. watches through the glass wall to the unavailable beauty beyond. Asking: 'Is the distant appreciation of beauty sufficient ...' Replying: 'This is your reality for the moment, in living this moment you know that you will not live it again. Savour its particular and unique flavour.'

Later, the goldfish bowl may fall over when the cat pounces. The goldfish escapes down a drain. Released from the sewers he finds himself in still sunlight waters. Maybe he even meets a mate ...

... or so he dreams, as he watches beauty from his bowl.


Inspired by this image: