Sitting here, listening to Beefheart wailing songs of love ... the Captain being mellow for once ... and he sings, 'and my head is my only house unless it rains ...'. Now Nina picks up with Sunday in Savannah ... coffee brewing and a film to watch in a little while. The life of the modern hermit. After a busy frantic stress-filled week ... what could be finer. Coffee, jazz and chill-out.

A little remixed samba picks up the mood ... sends my thoughts cartwheeling through memories of Brazil, capirinhas and watching live samba in Rio. The band and the audience become one sensual whole - from 18 to 80 a seething syncopated mass of flexing joy. There will never be a revolution in Brazil, I am told, the sun is hot, the cachasa runs freely and it's samba time ... so who cares to change anything? 'PAY ATTENTION, DAVE' says my friend with her voice which can strip paint off walls. I pay attention.

Ella Fitzgerald now, 'Body and Soul', takes me to a more innocent age ... when love and sacrifice was enough. When the big love for eternity was still a dream to be believed in. Me? I am an anachronism therefore. But lets not go where that is taking me.

Kosheen ... I won't forget you ... my ipod is being merciless tonight.

I let you down

I let you down

I let you go

... and all the things that get said at the end, I won't forget you ...

Yup, being a hermit is a positive life choice.

... and when I get bored of it, and the wind changes or that unforeseen walks round the corner and says hi! ... well, then I will change again.