I’m glad that I could show you a painting for the first newsletter this year. I am sorry that I took so long to send you this one, due to personal health problems. This is a portrait of Finn, a happy two year old belonging to the family. He has such a nice expression and I had to do him. I feel that I want to do more and more pastels, especially young faces, as the technique is good for the softness of the skin. The volume is very difficult to find, but that’s what the challenge is, to be able to get 3 dimensions with paint which has two dimensions.
I have been using my camera a lot recently, since I was given a new macro lenses for it and I feel I’m in heaven. You know how I love taking macro photos. It is extraordinary how marvelous it is and I spend long hours in the garden discovering life. There is a whole new world out there and I would like to show it to you. Maybe, I will send you one next time.
I’m painting and it’s a portrait again. This time it is of a 10 year old girl who has an expression that is very difficult to put down on paper. I hope I get her well as she has a lot of character and I want her to be happy with the painting. This is more so, as she organised her painting herself and wanted me to paint her!!!! Let me see what kind of feedback I get when it is finished.
I’m sorry there seems to be a problem getting to my photographs on my site. I will try to deal with it as soon as I can. I really don’t know why they have disappeared!!! Hopefully, they will be back very shortly.
Since last writing, I have been to Perth in Australia, which was another world again. I enjoyed it tremendously and took over 1500 photographs which came out really well. I would like to show them all to you, but it will be difficult to do that. If anyone wants to see them, they are welcome to come home and I would be happy to show them.
It seems that life is very exciting for me at present and I am very motivated in a lot of ways, but looks like I cannot find the time to show people enough of my work as I don’t have enough time to do this. I need my time to learn and to create and that takes up the little time I have.
Until next time, take care.