This is a portrait of the girl I talked about in my last newsletter. Her name is Louise, and I was really happy that she and her parents liked the portrait very much. The feed back is very important for me and makes me very happy. It was a very difficult portrait to do as the delicacy of the skin was very hard to find, but I think I got it. The expression was even harder, but I’m happy with how it came out. Tell me what you think, as I would love to know that.

I’m really sorry that there was such a long break between this newsletter and the last one. Due to personal health problems, I couldn’t do it any sooner. The main thing, is that I shall be painting again, and that all these problems are behind me. I am very motivated now to carry on and will probably exhibit next year. This will be not only my paintings, but my photographs as well. I am trying to organise this, and hopefully, people who live in the area can see the originals.

I’ve been using my macro lens again, and coming even closer to life, because of it. I will definitely send you a photograph next time to show you what I’ve been up to! I’m getting a hang of it and know more what I want and how to get the photos I want. My photographs are getting very popular and more and more people are asking me the exhibit them. It will take time to organise this, but I will be very happy when I can do this.
I hope I can send you a photograph next time, but in the meanwhile I’ll be painting for my exhibition. I can’t tell you how I’m looking forward to this. Until next time – I hope it won’t be too long, take care.