I was in "La Turbie" today to see this mafnificent monument dedicated to the Roman Emperor Augustus in 6-7 B.C. by the Senate and people of Rome. It celebrates the victory of Augustus over the people of the Alps who were overcome between 25 and 14 B.C. It was erected at La Turbie, the highest point on the Via Julia, which Augustus built to make exchanges with Gaul easy. This is just a little bit of history to make it interesting, but there is a lot more to it and it is really worth a visit. So if you are around here, please go for yourself and see the impression it will make on you. It's absolutely amazing how high it is. The original was 50 meters high, with a statue of Augustus at the top. Now it is in ruins and only a quarter of the pillars exist. My day not was very good and very cloudy, but I was lucky to have a few minutes of sunshine, which I was thrilled about to take my photos.