I am testing things out here, I have been on Flickr for a long time, but I find their latest changes to be slow and clunky. It also continues moving away from the community aspect of flickr while really screwing over any pro members. Thankfully financial contraints have kept me from renewing a pro membership.

How do I feel about ipernity right now? I am having issues transfering pictures over with the greasemonkey script, some have worked, but others get Flickr picture can't displayed oddness. I haven't explored the Contacts page yet, so I don't know what that is like. I really like being able to write this little paragraph without having to post a picture to go along with it. I think this will be helpful in building the community. There has been a lot going on with me in the last few years that has prevented me or contributed to my loss of dolly motivation/photography, I just didn't want to post some random screengrab to try to fill people in.

Anyways, I want whoever finds this to know that I still love dolls and I have always kept up with the photos on Flickr (daily through my RSS) and I still love seeing everyone's beautiful pictures.

My current doll family is in flux - I have more, but the ones that are definitely staying are:
LittleFee Lewi Girl (no name - still!)
Pukifee Pong (no name - still!)
Pink Pipos Rooney (Rosy)
Toysfield Kuma (Eve)