Hi everybody.

Just a short note from the middle of the pacific ocean somewhere in between Los Angeles and Kona, Hawaii. It's a fascinating idea to sit on a giant cruise liner somewhere in the middle of the ocean and being connected to the internet. So far our journey went as planned and we are now on the second cruise ship during our holiday (yeah, I know, very decadent...) now on our way to Hawaii. Yesterday, our first day at sea after we left L.A. the ship rolled and rocked quite a bit which I didn't like at all and therefore stayed in my bed almost all day long... that was the only position that I didn't suffer from motion sickness. Today the sea luckily is calmer and therefore I can enjoy the cruise again ;-) I hope I have already taken some nice pictures. There even seems to be the possibility to upload them from the internet cafe here onboard but I'll first have to figure out how it works... those minutes are precious... meaning 0.75$ per minute... that's why I stop here and will get back to ya'll later during the trip with an update.

Greetings from the Diamond Princess,


Update:at least it now worked to upload a photo though it took me almost 40 minutes to figure out how to do that from this public internet cafe computer onboard the ship. I had to upload the photo to my flickr account via email and from there let ipernity grab it to my ipernity account... anyway, it worked. Best regards,