Finally, vacation is near. Only two more days to work and off we are, yeah! Jelle and I will fly to Frankfurt where my parents Lieselotte and Peter from Cologne will join us. During this trip my mother will celebrate her 70th birthday. So we thought we work out something special for her. As she didn't like to do much sightseeing and preferred to have nice and warm weather we finally found something to her taste... ;-) So that is why we will fly from Frankfurt to Vancouver (speaking of warm weather, yeah right...). But: here we will join our first cruise ship this year. We will step aboard of (former dutch) Holland America Line's Zuiderdam, one of their newest ships and a giant one. The Zuiderdam will bring us to Seattle and Los Angeles in four days.

Show a map of the routing

At Los Angeles we will then join our second cruise ship this year. We will join the original Love Boat Line which is Princess Cruises.

From L.A., the Princess Diamond will bring us to the Hawaiian Islands (yeah, now we're talking warm weather, right?!). Again, this is a giant cruise ship and also one of their newest built. We love those big ships as we are really fascinated by the ships, they are sort of destination for us as well. It is so fascinating that such a floating small city actually is a ship, you cannot really believe it, time and time again!

During the trip I might update my blog every once in a while so you can virtually follow along. However, no guarantees given here as this is vacation time for me after all, meaning no obligations for a change... ;-) It's also depending on availability and costs, naturally... ;-) But check this space from time to time, if you're interested. Anyway, I appreciate your interest and say "Mahalo" for that (Thank you in Hawaiian). Aloha to you all and meet you all end of October... (ahh, sounds great...) :-)

Regards from Amsterdam, Guido