2012 Lynn Ho and I on Rideau Street Ottawa

Why does God allow this, and that,....and sit back while folks are starving and dying and getting murdered? Especially innocent children?

It was one of the very first questions I had on my mind constantly, while being raised Roman Catholic in Canada's Capital City: Ottawa in the 40's.

The Second World War is not the optimum era to be raising any child, but there I was,...full of unanswered questions. But when a priest or Nun from my church or school tried to answer my questions,I would get an answer like: "Only God Knows", or It's God's Will" That put me into a position where I didn't like all the things God Created,...or, at least allowed to happen !!

None of the other religions and philosophies satisfied me enough to stop questioning, until one day I found this book in a small New Age Bookstore and it set me back on my heels. It opened my eyes to things that somehow, I seemed to know instinctively anyway !! How could I be so comfortable with all the things said in that book, that I had to happily agree with, as if I had really known those things all my life??
It was a real revolation ! Re-reading it many times since over 30 years ago, I find it changing in it's concepts and meanings,...for, I see things much differently now,...see them through new ideas, and those ideas collect into new beliefs about the real world around me, and the new ideas open new lights and make me more alive and aware of my every moment. Not to mention the inspiration to my creativity. Wow!

The book has been written by a personality that has written a few others also,...on different subjects like Mass Events and Dreams, but the one I continue to re-read and practice it's mental exercises, is written by Jane Roberts and spoken by SETH.
It's title is: "The Nature Of Personal Reality"
I hope you are ready for this book, like I was,....and open-minded enough, with all your already developed beliefs about life,....and ready to really have a good look at physical reality from another viewpoint.
I'm so glad that I was ready. For now,.....I continue to grow with my world and my life is so much fuller and pleasant and relaxed and creative,....that I must share this with you......go see the book !! ~~~~~~Regards, ~~~~John Cullen, Canada