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  • Retirement for me.

    - 3 years ago - 11 comments
    Now is the time I have been thinking and musing about for most of my later years. While working, I would dream of the days when I would be free to try the many forms of art and music that I would have the free time to enjoy. I am busier now than when I was employed earning a living !! The challenge I find in front of me now is to narrow the many hobbies and interests down to some semblance of order ! I must make a list of priorities. It will take will power ! The arts call ou…

  • Seth Speaks: "A Thought IS Energy !"

    - November 27, 2015 - 1 comment
    Here is an explanation from Seth concerning how we create our surroundings with our thoughts. This excerpt was from the "Early Sessions" collection. Seth: The objective world is the end result of inner action. You can indeed manipulate the objective world from within, for this is the means and definition of true manipulation... Thoughts and images are formed into physical reality and become physical fact. They are propelled chemically. A thought IS energy. It begins to produce itself phys…

  • The Search Is Over

    - November 19, 2015 - 2 comments
    Since I was old enough to begin questioning what all the 'Grown-Ups" were saying and believing,...I have sought so many answers from the many religions around our world. Answers that would give me a Truth that I would feel honestly happy and comfortable with. Little did I realize that I would find it all in a book rather than a Church. A book that answered all the many things that I questioned, and yet, it opened up another, more interesting world for that improves everyday! A world I had not really experienced before, and my life has so changed and continues to fill up with my new awareness. All because I have read this book. I continue to read it, for it changes my focus and understanding, as I re-read it over the years. It does it all for me !