This is my first post on my blog thing. Just started using Ipernity a couple of days ago, it’s amazing even just how lost I get sometimes… thankfully that ‘My Space’ button takes me back home. So far it seems great and I’m still constantly discovering more features and cool stuff. I have a flickr but I like the opportunity this site gives us to upload and share other forms of media, and personalise and network more. These are real cool things about it!

I made a group yesterday morning; it’s on Aberdeen a city in north east Scotland. It’s where I stay just now. I didn’t think there are many members up here yet in this part of Scotland, but if you are up this direction sometime, fire some photos into this group. It would be cool to see them and maybe fatten the group out… it’s pretty starving at the moment, living off a few scraps I gave it :)

Here, I also messed around with the ‘change colour’ thing for my front page a few hours ago. It took me a while, kept changing my mind … but this is probably going to be as good as it will ever look. Check the difference though looks better like



Supposed to working on my final project for university but being lazy… get back into that stuff tomorrow though, if I wake up!… it’s like 6:30am… uni in 4 hours :( but I’m looking forward to exploring more, there is still so much more inspiring stuff to look at, listen to and watch. Glad I joined .