Just following my friends from flickr.

I'm just a regular 22 year-old guy who likes looking at beautiful women. To any woman I ask to be a contact, I'd like to assure you, I'm not trying to be creepy. I just think you are beautiful and enjoy looking at your pictures. I don't steal them or spread them all over the internet.

Some have asked me if I have private pictures. I do not. At least not yet. I am totally not brave enough for that. However, I just got into a relationship with a very sexy and cool girl. I am currently working on her letting me take some photos of her.

By the way, there are two things that bug me, one more than the other:

First, if you are under 18, please say so in your profile. I am only four years out of high school so I am well aware how these high school girls are older looking these days. And there are some very young ladies out there (I mean that in a totally non-perverse way). But I don't want to get into trouble.

It doesn't matter how close you are to 18. If you're 17 and your birthday is tomorrow, then I'll check back tomorrow. If you're 16, see you in a little over a year. If you're 12, then why the hell are you posting pictures like that online? And how is it possible that you look mature enough to catch my attention? You just hit puberty for crying out loud!

On the flip side, if you are over 18 but people think you look younger, do me and everyone else a favor and state that you are over 18 before posting pictures of the more sexy nature. Trust me, my girlfriend is 20 but looks very, very young, partially because of her height (or lack thereof).

Second (and infinitely more important), I hate when I see a picture of a cute chick only to find out she wasn't always a chick... if you are, or have ever been, a guy, please state it in your profile. You are what God made you and trying to get traded to the other team is just disturbing. The same goes for cross-dressers.

I guess the worst possible situation would be finding an underage transvestite... Things that make you go buuuh...

Also, if I add you as a friend, and you don't want to add me, no big deal. But if that's the case, don't do either of these two things:

1. Do not continue to invite me to your groups. You didn't want to be my friend and share your pictures, why would I want to join your group? If you add me, I will be more than happy to join any group that piques my interest.

2.Do not block me. Blocking is just rude. It just shows how little class you have.