I got my first computer in late 1991 and began learning how to work on them, repair them and use them etc,.. In 1994 I joined the internet age by signing up for AoL. Well I was getting deeper and deeper into computers too and the core of of any computer is it's "Corelogic chipset". This used to consist of a "northbridge" chip to connect the memory and BIOS to the CPU and a "southbridge" chip to connect the PCI bus to it.

Since the "Corelogic" chipset was the basis of any and all computers, and I was getting into computers myself and just starting to learn, I appropriated the name, changed a letter to make it "unique" and Corelogik was born.

2 years later in 1996, I ditched AoL, got the real internet and launched my first website, a lame attempt on my part, hosted on a free server. (Hey everyone starts somewhere.) Some of those early attempts can still be found here and there on the web as I have long forgotten where I hosted and precisely what the username/password combos were to log into them.

Since my first "entry" into the web was in 1996, I use that on my seal as my established date, even though technically I took the name some 2 years earlier.

Anyway, everyone knows me by that name now, even some of the friends I see almost daily IRL call me "Core" or "Logik" and some people use it as a full name,.. anyway, it's me now.

I have used the same basic avatar online since around 1998/99, it has undergone seom minor updates and modifications over time, including a series of them made and/or colored for holidays/special events. Anywhere you see the below seal, you will find me.