Today I learned that Spacemouses, who I've followed on Ipernity for a few years now, has recently passed alway. We never said but a few words in comment here or there, yet this man and his cats had become part of my daily routine. I'm taking it really hard. My husband seems to understand, because he was used to hearing me talk about "the old guy up near Stornoway". Sometimes I would show him photos of Kitten or the various pups that Little nursed so well, then went on to despise. Or the old lady rabbit who lived outside and whose young Spacemouses would constantly have to rescue from the cats. I learned about clocks and peat and old bottles he found. His folders and "storylines" about the cats were always so lovingly put together.

I also grieve for Kitten and Little, who are now without the man who dedicated his life to them. They must have known he was very ill and are lost and confused in his absence. Cats do mourn the loss of of their loved ones.

This type of grief is a new experience for me. I do not know his family or friends in order to reach out to them. I cannot say he was a good friend, because we didn't even know each other's names. (I think his was David.) I suppose it's similar to losing a popular blogger or celebrity, but no one in those realms have really touched my life in the same way as Spacemouses.

I'm fearful that when his club membership here expires that all the albums he has shared with us will be lost. I would love to be able to keep them alive somehow. This place will not be the same without him.