I took a drive around Burlington, Connecticut today and noticed a few replacements on the grid. The pole in the pictures below has now been completely replaced:

Another pole has had some work done on it too. This shorter-than-usual 4.8kV distribution pole has had its crossarm replaced.

That 4.8kV pole that got its crossarm replaced, by the way, is also part of the Main Street 4.8kV system. It is fed off of a 500kVA step-down transformer featured here:

The Main Street system is the last major part of the 4.8kV distribution grid remaining in Burlington. About a year ago, I noticed all the poles on that part of the grid getting "X"ed, making it seem that an upgrade to 13.2kV single phase is looming in the not so far future. But so far, I haven't seen any action.

There are many good poles (including some with glass insulators) on the Main Street 4.8kV system. I have also taken many very detailed photographs documenting the system, which I encourage you to view in this album here:

Assorted poles on the Main Street 4.8kV system.