You all may have noticed that I have been taking fewer power line picture trips in the past week. This has been caused by a string of inclinent weather that stretched from last Monday to today, and will continue into next day or two. Lots of snow and chilly weather.

Another problem is now with the recent snow storms, the Connecticut DOT has been putting down extremely corrosive calcium chloride (CaCl) salt on the roads. The temperature has also been well below freezing during this stormy couple of weeks, making it difficult for me to wash the salt off of my car. For that reason, I have been avoiding the roads the best I can to keep my car from rusting. An unfortunate consequence of staying off of the roads, though, is no line safaris.

Things are looking to improve over the next week though. We're forecast to have some warmer weather with highs around 30 degrees, and a rain storm coming next weekend. Hopefully, with some mild weather in the 30's, a week of sunny days, followed by a rainy weekend will wash most of the salt off of the road so I can get back out again. I might be able to do a few local photos next week, but nothing major.

Things are also looking to slow down at work in the coming weeks, so I will have more time to get out and take pictures. And I've got plans for some BIG safaris once this bad weather is over; hopefully yeilding a few hundred pictures to entertain us all. But I can't take the big safaris until the salt is off the roads or the weather is warm enough for me to wash my car. So I'm afraid those trips and pictures will have to wait until after the rain storm next weekend.

If you are interested in some of the destinations for some of my future line safaris, though, feel free to visit the article in the link below. It provides Google Street View links to many of the destinations that I will be visiting and photographing. Aside from some miscellaneous local photography that will likely ensue, those are my big plans for this winter.