As part of the "Fine Toothed Comb" photo update project, I am also tweaking and changing the names of the pictures to shorten and streamline them more. Names like "HELCO 13.2kV Single Phase - West Hartford, Conn. MUTUAL AID" are being changed over to "HELCO 13.2kV - West Hartford, CT (Mutual Aid).

I am also in the process of changing the "Conn." abbreviation for "Connecticut" over to the shorter "CT". So keep that in mind if you're searching for a photo. I've got most of the names changed over already, but there's still about 400 with the "Conn." in them.

In the process I am also eliminating "Flickr" links as I come by them. If you find one that's still in a photo description, send me a message and I'll fix it.

Other minor tweaks include shortening "Mass." to "MA" for Massachusetts, standardizing "NYSEG and NYSE&G" over to "NYSE&G", and a few other misc. updates. I am also selecting pictures as I go through for the new "Best of Connecticut Power Lines" series.