A while ago last summer, I visited Jamestown and Newport in Rhode Island, and was greeted with a power grid full of goodies! Their electric power is provided by National Grid, and they run 34.5kV subtransmission with 2400/4160 multigrounded Y for distribution.
A 4.16kV open Y distribution line (likely once 2.4kV ungrounded single-phase) departs from a three-phase trunk line riding under a 34.5kV subtransmission line.

While I was there, I took a nice little drive around town to photograph some of the poles on the old 4.16kV grid. Many of these poles are over 70 years old and have held up very well over the years, with many of their original wooden pins and glass insulators still intact. I probably saw several hundred glass insulators up in the air there supporting the primaries.
Another early distribution pole, carrying 4.16kV multigrounded Y (likely originally 2.4kV delta). Note the three aqua glass insulators, all on their original wooden pins.

It is not often at all when I run into construction this old that is this well intact! It must be something about the maritime air in this region or something. In other places, poles this old would be long gone and rotten.

Seeing glass up in the air has always been a treat for me, and the 4.16kV distribution grid in Jamestown and Newport is one of my all time favorites! Unfortunately, though, it seems that many of the photos I posted of it were overlooked, and I've got a feeling that many fellow line geeks would enjoy them as well as I enjoyed taking them. So, if you're into glass insulators and old street lights, definitely give the Rhode Island file a look when you have the time...lots of wonderful poles to see!

The "Rhode Island File" can be found here: