I have jumped onto the bandwagon and have recently been adding tags (keywords) to many of my photos. The latest batch of tags covers power line construction details. I have now tagged the following:

Aerial Cable Installations:


Crossarm-hung transformer banks:

Odd Transformers:

Feel free to click on any of the links above to view the photos that I have tagged.

For picture tagging, I have decided to build on Dave Dahle's new system, which uses the following keywords:

brakestomper ("Brakestomper" pole)
odd_xfmr (Odd Transformer)
westy (Westinghouse transformers)
L-M (Line Material Co. transformers)
RTE (Rural Transformer Equipment Co. (a. k. a. Rust Till Eternity) transformers)

I have added a few new keywords into this system to correspond with some more line construction features, including:

pothead (Pothead riser)
"crossarm bank" (Crossarm-hung transformer bank)
"aerial cable" (Power lines run on aerial cable)

I think tagging our photos will help us a great deal when dealing with the growth of our photo-streams, making searching for photos much easier. It also makes it possible to search for specific things across others' photo-streams, such as Line Material transformers, and other odd transformers:

Once I get some more time on my hands, I am going to add more tags to my photos to denote additional construction details. Meanwhile, they are searchable by the keywords mentioned above, along with the utility's name, line voltage, location, and state/province. A list of all the utilities, voltages, and locations I have covered can also be found in the "Utility Reference Directory" article:


Good luck, and happy searching!