Well, as much as I have resisted it, this blog craze endures, and despite my reluctance I have discovered one or three that were interesting or provocative or humorous or otherwise worthwhile glimpses into the psyche of those minds so unfettered by the bounds of humility that they might share the mutterings and wanderings that occur behind their eyes that would otherwise remain anonymous and unexamined by the otherwise oblivious mass of humanity despoiling and populating this great whirling ball as it hurtles through the void.

(Certainly, the above had some intent of meaning when conceived in my boiling gray matter - perhaps it is there somewhere obscured by the pretension.... - or perhaps it is you...)


         Finding myself still starved for attention as an actual photographer, despite my passion for the medium and ownership of at least marginally respectable equipment, I have determined that the answer may be more active participation here in ipernity - which seems to be some sort of rival or aggressor inhabitant of web space mapped out by fl-kr and several other photo-"sharing" sites.  While not overt, I do seem to detect some hostility or ribald rivalry ( or perhaps it is me....) to any hint of acknowledgment of the existence of the f- site by this combo photo-blog-video- viral whatever place that I wander with increasing intrigue.

Hopefully, I will discover a community here, and somehow, while not necessarily "fitting in" so much, I will still manage to avoid some sort of permanent banning or otherwise excite feelings of offense in that great mass of humans around this planet with whom I hope to exchange the occasional how-do, or even fare-thee-well....