As a heavy Flickr user of over five and a half years, now with well over 25000 images posted on the 'other site', I was reluctant to bother looking at this site (ipernity) to which there seems to have been a mass exodus of many of my Flickr contacts.

But curiosity has got the better of me and from first impressions I like what I see. The ability to post articles and documents is a welcome feature, but I'm not so convinced that there is the same functionality with regard to photos, particularly organising such a large collection into manageable chunks which are easy to find (for myself and visitors!), despite there being many similarities between the way the two sites look and operate. Many of the features I've long wanted in Flickr are sadly also absent in ipernity

Time will tell, and for now, I'm trialling it, and will be somewhat slowly transferring my Flickr collection, via what seems to be an incredibly easy and quick transfer tool: without that I doubt I'd have bothered to sign up.