I am thinking of Spring as the snow slowly melts in my yard. I have a lot of Robins, a sure sign it will soon be warmer.

I can tell Winter is coming to an end. I have accepted invitations to go here, there, everywhere. Something I would never do in Winter. I 'hide away' in Winter. It is by choice. I enjoy the solidude. It is a time to think and reflect without all the interuptions.

The difference this coming Spring and Summer is that I am no longer working 12 hour night shifts. This is still new to me..not working. but I am really liking it. No screaming alarm clocks ...no putting up with crabby people. lol

This is a time in my life that I have 'choices' as to what to do with my time. Since September, all I have done is more of what I used to do on my 'nights off'. But now, I am ready to do some new things. At least that is how I am thinking here at 1:00 am. Tomorrow...I might want to stay home and do absolutly nothing and you know..if I want to, I can.