My second review of a painting book. The result: I finally put a paintbrush back in my hand and remembered to use paint, too ;)
Forgot to buy canvas. :(
The book is Painting Landscapes in Oils by Robert Brindley.

If you notice my leaf sketch in that article, (forgot to buy canvas) I was quickly trying a palette based on the author's advice: the three primary colors and white.
French ultramarine, permanent alizarin crimson and cadmium yellow pale hue (which apparently is also called arylide yellow or Hansa yellow); my white is titanium white.
I also tried to mix the three grays in the author's palette, warm, neutral and cool grays, to vary the values and temperatures of my color mixes. I botched the cool gray.
But the other two worked well. :)
I think.
I'm not sure.

By the way, the author in the portrait book I reviewed also advised a limited palette.
When I was a teenager and young adult I painted a little bit. I only ever used a few colors, so the color mixing went fairly quickly for my sketch.
But the temperatures....I will definitely have to train my eye to see color temperatures.