Pardonu min, sed mi devis viŝi la aperon ĉi tie. Io pri unuaj rajtoj.

Ĝisdatigo: I get to repost; it was refused:

Gray Water

In March I went to walk beside the sea.
The day was grey, the beach full of debris.
I picked my way along, through winter's waste
till near the shore the way was wave-swept free.
I watched as land and liquid brims embraced,
and streams of dry and wet came interlaced.
Gray flowing smoothed the surface of the shore
and everything that was, was all erased.
I heard the crying of the ocean's roar
approaching, cresting, pulsing up to soar;
a purging land-possession so complete
that even I forgot what came before.
The rolling gray came softened in a sheet
but diamond water sparkled at my feet.
Surprising colors coming, calling me.
I touched them and the waves were warm and sweet.

foto 'Gris' de Adrián Caldera

Cindy Moon Mckee
March 1-2, 2010
Rhyme scheme/rimaranĝo: aaba bbcb ccdc ddad
Iambic pentameter/kvinjambo