Two da
"Regal Teal Dress" for Blythe dolls ys ago I saw lots of dolly friends decided to open an account here in Ipernity after themassive changes in Flickr. Even if the blythe doll community has lots of blogs, facebook pages and lots of other spaces, I believe Flickr was what unite us in a better and global way. Maybe, you are not able to read french, or chinese, but for sure you can understand a photo and type a smily face, which is universal, so I think this is why Flickr had been a huge part of the blythe world, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy Blythe without Flickr of course, but you can for sure get easier into the community and make friends by sharing and liking photos and not only with words or comments.

To me, this hobby is about our love for blythe, and how everyone enjoy it in a different way, the people on it and not only our plastic gals, so to keep the track to my dolly friends I decide to open an account here, which is our alternative upon the moment we are living with flickr.

Well, I don't want to make this too long hahaha~~ so at the end, I am so happy that we are moving all together (or at least lots of us). Anyhow, I am keeping my flickr account in case some of us are still there. Let's spread our blythe-doll love all around!

Big hugs to you all! and thank you so much for all the ads as well! <3

Maria (Chu)