Starting point for this recipe was this one. My first idea was just to replace p-Aminophenol Hydrochloride for Paracetamol and follow word by word that recipe. I already don't know why, but I changed the 25 g Sodium Hydroxide in the original recipe with 40 g and, on the other hand I make it twice as concentrated as the original, i.e., insteda 1 Liter, only 500ml of concentrate.

Solution A
150 ml tap water
20 g Paracetamol (or Tylenol)
60 g Potassium Metabisulfite

Solution B
150 ml tap water
40 g Sodium Hydroxide

Water to make 500ml


Smash 40x500g tablets of paracetamol in a mortar
Put 150 ml tap water in a 1 liter beaker or similar container and add the paracetamol and stir. It will not dissolve all but go on and add 60 g Potassium Metabisulfite.
In another container in a cold water bath, put 150 ml tap water and add slowly the 40 g Sodium Hydroxide and stir until it is all dissolved.
After a while, with the sodium hydroxide still warm, add it slowly to the solution A and go on stiring. You will see that all components will dissolve completely and you end with a very clear solution. Complete with water to make 500 ml and store in 500 ml bottle. Let it stand for 72 hours and then use as normal Rodinal.

Note: After 2 or 3 days the solution will turn slightly brown but clear. No deposits, no cristals, no mud observed until now, the last bathc is already 1 month old and keeps very fine. I use it 1:100 for 30' at about 20ºC with Polypan F. In this dilution with Polypan you get normal negatives, with other films it may give low contrast at this dilution, maybe you increase it to 1:50 to get more contrast.