This time I learned at my expenses, it is not a straight way to make a new developer, not before you experiment some failures when it was clear it could work. It was such a hard work, making several modifications to the soup and testing and testing again, I decided to change the name of this developer to CAFFERNAL.

It needs some more tests, developing times according to dilution are not established yet, these first results are overdeveloped (I also had underdevelopment when I tried the dilution 1:100 for 60 minutes). What I can say that works more or less well is the dilution 1:50 for 30 minutes at 25ºC. Well, I gave 40 minutes, the photos are overdeveloped and a little foggy. Now, the next roll will be developed with 30 minutes without other changes. If the fog still exists, I will increase slightly KBr. The amount I used is minimal, 0.1 g/l in dilution 1:50 but maybe it will be increased to the double, if needed, the fog is realy small.

On the results, I am quite surprised, a complete gray scale, from black to white, the details in wood show the fine resolution. Imagine this in a cloudy picture...

Recipe will follow, as soon as it is finished. It uses Potassium Metabisulfite, Vit. C, Sodium Hydroxide, Coffee and KBr. Sodium Chloride was not tested. The pH is about 10.6.