After a lot of failures trying to mime Rodinal but instead of Aminophenol, using Vit C and Coffee, I started finally a logic procedure. Because if you choose some starting point in the relation Vit. C to Coffee, this will probably end in a failure.

My procedure, after some disasters, was to first of all, using preboiled water to put a pinch of Potassium Metabisulfite (5g) in it to prevent oxidation of Vit.C (and coffe after). Then I dissolved a certain amount of Vit. C, say 30 g in it and then I add Sodium Hydroxide stoichiometric to obtain ascorbate and water. I repeated this many times and I always ended with a solution having a pH of 11.6. This pH is too high for an ascorbate developer. If I put more Hydroxide I end in a solution with Hydroxide pH, about 12,6 and more difficult to lower. No alkali more is needed and what to do to lower pH more? Coffee, of course! I go on putting coffe and stirring until I have a pH of 10.6 or so. And what is this amount of coffee? I find out that it is exactly the same amount of vit. C.

(to be continued)