This is perahps the final version for this low cost, high contrast B&W film developer made the simplest possible. 2g/l Vitamine C, 2g/l Sodium Hydroxide, 2g/l soluble coffee and 4g/l Potassium Bromide. I made the laboratory tests and I came to a developing time of 1 hour at 24ºC. One hour is a good time for the developer, for stand development and one shot.

This developer has only 10g of substances per liter, 5 g for half a liter. As I already said I prepare first the 10% solutions of every substance, putting a pinch of sodium sulfite in Vit. C and Coffee for better preservation. To prepare 1/2 a liter of developer for one shot I have following procedure:

In a 100 ml beaker I put 10 ml of the 10% sol. of Vit. C, then I add 10 ml of the 10% sol. of Sodium Hydroxide and mix. The mixture is light yellowish. I add 10ml of 10% sol. of coffee and mix, color changes to brown-greenish, finally 20ml of the 10% sol. of Potassium Bromide. I end with 50 ml stuff. This is to be used in dilution 1+9 = 500 ml.

I hope to achieve good contrast and less grain compared with the predecessors. A good to use with cheap cameras like Holga, the contrast helps to hide the bad sharpness. Parodinal is also a good alternative for Holgas.

Actualization: No, nothing to spread, it was a disaster. I even tried 1111 and other homeopathic combinations. They turn the film only black, the whole film. Maybe with more KBr or with something else it would work, but not so simple like I thought, going from the beginning with Caffenol C+, whose recipe I reproduce here:

Caffenol C+ or, following the logic of the others Caffenol 55X3:

5g/l Vit. C
5g/l Sodium hydroxide
10g/l coffee
3g/l Potassium bromide