With the other Caffenol I called 5555, I failed. But this one is more promising.

Using a Holga with a 18x24mm mask selfmade I took some 30 photos in a 120 roll and developed it, with some confidence, in this new Caffenol, called 3335 because of the quantities of the substances involved. So, it is time to unveal this new developer that gives very good contrast with Ilford FP4 film.

Among the other almost 30 photos, I choosed this one as example of the application of the developer. I will show another photo that, using the high contrast achieved, made it possible to use the effect threeshold in Photoscape, giving a sort of etched photo.

But before that let us speak about the recipe. I am not a chemical skilled person, so forbive me some inacuracy in the speach.

I have a shelf full of 250ml bottles containing 10% solutions of different substances, developing agents, restrainers, alkalis, etc.

To prepare this Caffenol 3335 I took a graduated 100ml tubular beaker and filled it first with 15ml of the 10% sol. of Vit. C, an incolor liquid. This solution has a pinch of sulfite, the coffee one too as food preservative. Then I poured over the vit. C 15 ml of a 10% sol. of Sodium Hydroxide, lye. Here there is a reaction giving a slightly yellowish liquid. I agitate the beaker until all liquid has the same color. The next I added also 15 ml of the 10% sol. of coffee (the color changes to a brown-greenish color); also agitate to get the same color everywhere; and finally 25 ml of the 10% sol. of Potassium Bromide. I end with 70 ml (15+15+15+25) of developer. Now put in a larger beaker and complet with water until 500 ml.

By my calculations 15ml of a 10% sol. have 1,5g and 25ml of the 10% sol has 2,5g. So, if you want grams per liter, multiply by two and the recipe, per liter, is:

3 g Vit. C
3 g Sodium Hydroxide
3 g Soluble coffe
5 g Potassium Bromide

Taking this figures of the grams, in that order we have Caffenol 3335

Is it the end version? No! It leaves some stain and I might increase the amount of Potassium Bromide. But already works satisfactory.