Today, experimenting in the kitchen, I made a caffenol formula having 5 g/l of each of its components. Inspired in the Colony Water 4711 and in the electronic devide 555, I decided to baptize this Caffenol with the number 5555. It was not tested yet with exposed film but at the laboratory things went OK, I wish I don't have to change the name, it sounds quite well. Developing time at 20ºC is about 30 minutes. It may give good contrast but some details in shadowed zones. Tomorrow I will make the final test and unveal the recipe. 20g of cheap stuff per liter is realy cheap, I think!


The film was overdeveloped in the 5555 developer but this problem I could solve by bleaching the film and refixing it. The margins are clear but the photos still too dense. What happened? Yes, I had the camera, the whole time at B and not at N as I intended to. When I reused it today I realized that. Such a shit, sorry! But the photos are a kind of... B&W impressionism, ihihihih!

About the developer, yes, it must be tweaked and I did it today with better results but still missing something more. I reduced all components but restrainer. So, the name should now be Caffenol 3335. Total weight of components per liter is now 14g.