Since a week I didn't shoot any photos. I am waiting for B&W 120 film that I purchased last Sunday on internet and they are coming not from abroad. I already asked at phone and nothing, the «system» is taking time. Now, when the films are at the shop near me, I will receive an email to go there. I live alone and deliveries by post may fail when I am not at home. The postman or girl don't leave parcels at the door like in the USA.

I am waiting for silver nitrate to prepare my phantastic bromide paper that can be developed with red light. So, to escape boredom, I have been building a sort of thermal motor, not Stirling but related to it. I want to see if the principle works and then build a real one as generator for my electric car. The idea I have stollen from the father of the Segway, Dean Kamen. He is the opinion that the electric car should be equipped with a multifuel generator. My electric car has already a extended authonomy transporting a gas generator in a troley. It will be tested one of these days, now that I will have Summer Hollydays. I have to wait for this event to.

During my trip around Portugal I will take a lot of photos, and make them at the places where I stay, mainly family. My family is spread over this land. 3 daughters each one in a different place, a cousine, two brothers and a lot of friends.