Not all experiments give good results. In fact, most of them are failures but taking risks can have also rewards. In a series of experiments of coupling coffee with other developing agents, one couple is already divorced, coffee and phenidone. If you are like me, you will try it too, just to prouve the contrary or to recognize by yourself that it is a failure. The negatives are weak, low contrast and grainy. No, not a thing that I can recommend, unless you want to achieve that result, like an old picture bad developed. Besides, what the speed is concerned, yes, phenidone speeds up coffee.

Back to Coffee and Vitamine C, this time working in another alkali, not the old soda but the powerful sodium hydroxide. 10g/l of sodium hydroxide (1%) with 10g/l coffee (1%) and 5g/l of Vit. C (0,5%). The test with a stripe showed the time of 15 minutes for the development and so I did. What happened? A completely stained, dark yellowish stain, negative but where some image could be seen. I used a Holga with a 35mm image mask (30 pictures) and a wide angle x0,5 lens.
Scanning in color mode, it gave the pink color bellow. With software I enhanced the contrast and putted a paper texture and a frame and... that's all folks!