I started writing about couple travelling separately about two or three weeks ago and today is “two or three weeks later”. Good news is “THEY MADE IT!” =)

One week road trip with Miss V’s family had gone by so fast that Miss V didn’t have time to think about things other than spending time with the families 24/7.

Mr. A called a few times during the vacation, so did Miss V; both of them kept the couple routine of saying goodnights to each other every day. Miss V didn’t change or do anything different on purpose (in response to Mr. A’s way of communication during his vacation in another country), as open communication just happened naturally.

Miss V had crossed at least 7 states on this road trip; Miss V shared photos and short stories about the trip along the way, and cared about Mr. A who was working and stressing about work back home. Miss V enjoyed the daily packed schedule and company of the families, at the same time, looked forward to exploring the cities and seeing things with Mr. A when Miss A gets back.

It is now safe to say that, this twentysomething couple has built a strong enough bond and trust, love, patience, and distance. This separate vacation isn’t too bad after all, Miss Vanilla. <3