A franchise owner told you a legend of a company that's probably made up for publicity.
Instead of telling him "Maybe that's not a real story, it's just a legend created for publicity."
Say "Oh, ha-ha, perhaps your company can have some legends of your own too!"

A fellow acquaintant threw a very personal question out of the blue at you and your honey over the dining table - "Is * the one?"
Instead of rolling your eyes, facepalmed, or trying to change the topic awkwardly, ask him and his girlfried "What do you think?" ... if there's an awkward silence, say "and can you tell? :D"

Your honey asked you if you like something that * has done for you.
Unless * ask you why, instead of explaining why you like or dislike it, just say "yes" if you do *hug*, or "not really" if you don't.