Seems the force that is really wants a pursuit of this idea that I can be a SOUND DJ online for dance, electro and techno music. I make these mixes in video format running nearly an hour or more for upload to podcast and vodcast on my desktop.

Imagine the day of dial up with files this size and you will see where I am going with the latest stalled tactics.

SINCE February, when I shifted from mixing my desktop mp3s with TPLAYER to VIRTUAL DJ Pro Version 5 and making recorded videos and broadcasts of my desktop software in action [hmelyoff Broadcast software] the forces of the universe have tried to stop me.

Needless circumstances, my XP disc loaned so I could reinstall my system after discovering a flaw in the partition of the current state of my desktop fell to pieces when it was revealed the disc was flawed with a crack. MY handling of my friend's disc had been sincerely precious unlike my handling of household responsibilities and order. SO when that chaos manifested therein so did my panic. Gitksan Raven 002 by bluedecker97

More than a week without my computer left me strung out like an addict in withdrawal.

In desperation, at the first of April, the tightest budget and allowance from my partner's moonlight on eBay left me with just enough to search for a replacement. BUT just before the install attempt with XP, I had managed to reconcile some of my indifference with MICROSOFT. I discovered the function and purpose of NET Framework versions, for example. This was necessary to install some line of Microsoft's LIVE package including my amazing little blogger tool called WINDOWS LIVE WRITER. SO a glimpse of where programmers are heading at Microsoft made me consider my install and purchase of VISTA HOME ULTIMATE Edition.

AND I have not regretted it since...but the trials never end as detailed in these blogs on site thus far and coming full circle to the next CHAPTER : NOW, TODAY Sooner or Later.

MY idea has been that audio/video enabled chat rooms with a populace group would enable their sound and interact while listening with others to the room's common DJ and it turns out after traveling to so many webcam chat sites, IM messenger rooms and streaming .tv channels that it has materialized.

Several posts ago I detailed online webcam and audio/video enabled services while there it seemed only natural to detail the journey but pertaining to my desires I wrote not at the time. It was after that post that I discovered another webcam chat online that seems to be the most established and first at when searching keywords: webcam chat.

turtle dive IT is called .

I entered the main room with it's strict moderation and law until I searched a bit more and found my niche at gayladschat, a user's space. The room plays some bot-automated music and then I noticed the name of a person in the room on the mic. I hit him up with questions while he broadcast and noticed between pauses that the main room bot was programmed to flash and advertise for applicants as DJs. Hesitation is not in my vocabulary.