April 16, 2008 {ORIGINALLY FOR BLOG AT http://bluedecker97.deviantart.com]

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I am currently typing while spinning through the main room of CAMFROG, a great chat user community if you have not discovered.

SO the last entry was NOVEMBER when my cyber-panic was an edition of FLOCK, the Mozilla-based browser, not performing on my PC running WINDOWS XP. I reinstalled XP anad lost 1000 songs not on an external storage. This is important because SONGS are the reason I have not been creating any illustrations. SONGS and PC TROUBLES. There is a country music song.

IN the late 1980s, for four years I was a club DJ in a gay bar.

Recently, with my interest in music and songs and mp3s on my PC, I took to creating new music mashups and mixes, remixed singles and extended sets, and REMIXED VIDEOS. ALSO, found the world of audio/video enabled chat all around and beyond YAHOO MESSENGER where the capacitiy to play and spin with DJ SOFTWARE in chat rooms is availble.

SINCE NOVEMBER, I installed XP two times and the third attempt, discovered a crack in the disc borrowed from a great friend. OH BOY. OH BOY. Meantime, I was frantic offline for nearly a week and scramble some cash and went for it......

THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH THE SOUND OF VISTA. Yodeling in the distance from YAHOO as I break away to fight the never ending battle of extension add-ons from MOZILLA plugged into my FRANKENBROWSER called FLOCK of seagulls overhead. AHHHH!

FINALLY, made my way back here to deviantart.com and considering some illustration soon.
MY NEW BLOG with my current interests is actually really well composed if you are interested to look for my MUSIC REMIXES in the RIGHT COLUMN players, and read my exploits with WINDOWS VISTA, online and more.

Look forward to making some contact with some of my dvart friends, again. POST A SHOUTOUT or COMMENT If you visit my blog.

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