When you come to think of moving out to a new home, the process is over whelming and sometimes, just thinking of it, would put us restless. The same happened when Flickr decided to change their "whole" look.

What happened to me, resemble the death of a website, and a launch of a new website. I was attached to the old simple clean website and finding out that the "new" version has nothing to link it to the old one, upsets me. I know, people frequently mention : it is all the same but I truly don't find it the same.

I also have to mention, the way Flickr blinded us through that process of changing, was a very awful choice of them. If they cared for the community, they could have asked for our opinions and feedbacks in advance, or launch a sampler and let us try it and test it before making it official. The truth, we never were asked for that, and they decided for us what is the best, even us PRO account owners.

I still use and will use the Flickr account but as I seek for an eye friendly, people friendly website, Ipernity came as a choice lots of others suggested and I decided to follow. I have to agree with them too: using Ipernity reminds me of an old friend or how Flickr was.