Yianni's Greek Cuisine Restaurant

This popular restaurant is at the Sponge Docks on the main steeet of Greektown in Tarpon Springs. We decided to go there after a menu was handed out to us on the street by a man who is probably paid by the restaurant for his services.

Seating inside is comfortable and airconditioned. If you choose to, you can also sit outside in the enclosed area where there is live Greek music perfomed by a one man band. The restaurant was nearly full when we entered inside shortly after noon. I think one reason is because there were so many people visiting Tarpon Springs on that day during the long Labor Day weekend.

The service was fast and efficient, maybe because we ordered the Lunch Special which was Greek Salad with grilled chicken for $9.95, while my girlfriend had the Gyro sandwich with lamb. I couldn't resist the waitress's offer of a 2 for 1 drink of either a Sangria or Margarita, so I ordered one of each!

The bread came first and it was very good, one of the best I've ever had in any restaurant/country. The only other times I had bread that good was in Penang, Malaysia and the French bread in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Greek salad was also quite tasty, and as it was a big portion I had a hard time finishing it. As for the two drinks I preferred the Sangria over the Margarita. I did wonder at that time why they didn't offer any Greek aperitif like Ouzu, instead of Sangria which is Spanish.

I noticed that many of the customers were ordering the Saganaki flaming cheese which is basically melted cheese in a hot pan. The server will bring it to the table and light the cheese to create a burst of flames, thus the "flaming cheese" name. We even managed to get a photo taken of the server and the flames! Anyway, both of us enjoyed our meal and the bill came up to $32 which I suppose is about average for this type of restaurant.

As we were really stuffed with the huge portions served, we opted out for dessert, but later in the afternoon went inside a bakery to sample the 'baklava' !