My first impression of the hotel was not very good as they had failed on their promise of picking us up at Trivandrum airport. Our taxi driver also had a hard time finding the place as it was situated on a hill (as in its name), and when we finally found it we had to enter through the side door. The young fellow at the front desk made up for the no-show hotel taxi by upgrading us to a de-luxe sea view room, and my negative feelings about the place slowly subsided when we saw the room. It was indeed a very nice room with a large balcony overlooking the sea! The scenery from the balcony was a sight to behold, and this marvelous view will remain etched in my memory forever!

There was a swinging chair in the balcony plus regular chairs, and it was so relaxing to just sit there and take in the splendid scene below us. We had breakfast there every morning and a couple of dinners too.

Our room was cleaned everyday, and towels changed in the bathroom also. However, we did have to wait a while for our meals and we would wonder whether the food was being cooked outside the hotel premises. Wi-fi service was not working in the room and I had to go down to the reception desk for internet connection. But who cares much about being online when you are on vacation at a beautiful beach resort!

Another drawback when we were there was the stairway leading down to the beach. It was still being constructed at that time, and we had to literally step by step, go down and come up by holding on to the rope handrail. However, I am certain the situation has changed by now, and there must be a regular staircase built already.

Laundry service was also available and the boys at the front desk were always smiling and friendly whenever we were down there. In fact, we used the hotel cab for our sight seeing in Trivandrum city, and also to take us to the airport when we left. All of the hotel staff, including the driver spoke good English.

So, despite the few problems mentioned above, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hill & Sea View Resort. I would even go further to say that this is one of the best hotels with the most breathtaking view, I have ever stayed in!