It has been a few months since my crazy spending spree in June this year, and I'd been mostly faithful to my promise of not getting any new doll till my birthday. Mostly. I mean, it's not really my birthday yet, but I just can't let the cutesy Petit Piyo go out of sale can I?

My current state of the doll stand at 15: 10 SD bodies + 3 additional floating heads + 1 zuzu + 1 Yo-SD (incoming). It really is quite a lot for a hobby that I'd only started in January this year! :o

And after a few months of cooling down, I have a rethink of my wishlist. Here it is:

1. Angell Studio/ Youth/ Xiangling

I'm rather resistant of getting dolls from China. They are really overpriced, given the standard of living and production cost there. But being chinese, I tend to gravitate towards traditional or fictitious chinese-based culture.

Xiangling isn't really based on traditional culture. She's a game character (from a game I'd never even heard of). But this company image totally blew me away. I have a weak spot for extremely cute dolls, and this image is just extremely cute. Can't help it.

I would definitely try to get her, if PW doesn't announce any limited doll for the rest of the year. Gonna watch my budget.

2. Peak's Woods/ Fairy of Colour/ Cue

Peak's Woods dolls are simply amazing, and their representatives are the best! They are involved with the fans on facebook, ask for opinions (like right now, they are asking us what we want to see for Halloween), organised photo competitions that was actually fun, and are just lovely and responsive. There's no air and absolutely no taking the customer for granted. Just great.

Oh! And I'd yet to mention that they have been giving me free wigs ever since my second doll purchase. And I just adore the wedding dress that they have made. Simply lovely.

So there's no reason for me not to continue my Peak's Woods collection. And there are really a lot of beauty, like Briana, Yulii, Rogita and Bella. But I do have a soft spot for big eyes, and Cue is the biggest non-anime-like BJD out there...

3. Dream of Doll/ Dream of Teenager/ Tanesia

I am a Dream of Doll girls fan. I currently have four SD and counting - Ony, Elf Ony, Sleeping Girl 1 and U-i. If I could have my way, I would just concentrate on every single DOT girl there is. But since that sounded a bit crazy, I think I should just slow down and slowly increase my DOT collection.

The current number of normal DOT girl sculpt stands at eight - Shall (normal and tender), E-An (normal and tender), Isis, Calla, U-i, Talia, Tanesia and Ony (normal and Sleeping girl 1). Yes I do want them all (refer to irrational thoughts), but if I had to make a choice, I would go with Tanesia next.

DOD create some lovely dolls with attitude! :D

4. Dreaming Doll Sally

I didn't come across Dreaming Doll sculpt till quite recently, and was quite surprised to find an instant connection with Sally. She reminds me of myself really with a pensive look with a slight resignation of the illogical world. I could totally see her as my main commentator for my real-life thought if I were to get her.


Wishlist aside, I know my knees will go weak when PW announce their next limited edition dolls. Heh. Well, at least having a plan is better than not having any!