I'm a little bit stressed up at the moment. Mostly because of the paper I'm currently writing, in which I'm supposed to be discussing or create a conversation with another (review) paper and putting my entire study into perspectives of the scientific world.

And while this will hopefully mark a satisfactory end to all the blood and sweat I'd poured out during the most crazy three months' worth of field work, it is really stressful to keep on churning words out and then keep them precise in the most technical jargon imaginable, without warping the meaning.

Work stress it is then, and it is really hurting my pocket. Why? Well, when I'm stressed, I like to spend money. And since the first thing this morning, I'd realised there is an extremely limited release of LINA chouchou Petit Piyo, which is on sale between 3 September to 6 September (Korean Time). That was newsworthy in itself. But then, when the more I look at the image, the more I fell in love with her...

Those rabbit ears. They are awesome aren't they?

So, there I was, all stressed and all. Frustrated for being disrupted from my writing tempo to explain another project to my colleague, I just went online, look at the website a bit more, and then click BUY.

Yes, it's an impulsive buy. But I blame my stressed out mind.
And interestingly, I'm don't think I'm going to regret this. She's going to be my very first Yo-SD girl and I think she will be absolutely perfect.

Now I'm just keeping my finger crossed for her to come early, so that I could give myself a birthday present, which would remind me of my state of mind today.