I have been rather insane as any hobby collector would be. Months after getting into the hobby, I'm going against so much wisdom preached by veterans collectors and started getting one limited edition doll after another. First it was DOD Elf-Ony (which was only open for sale for a month between 15 March to 15 April 2013). Then it was Luts ZDF Romance Persi Witch (which is still open for sale this month). And the most crazy one of course is the one-off doll I'd purchased just yesterday.

It is a real thrill to get a one-off of anything and the Peak's Woods Wake-up Goldie is just too tempting for me to skip. Wake-up Goldie is the sleeping head (or half closed eye version) of the original Goldie sculpt from the Fairy of Colours (SD sized) line. This particular one-off is in fact a hybrid, featuring the Wake-up Goldie (FOC) head on the Absolutely Beuty (AB) body. The AB body is slightly taller than the FOC body (by about 3 cm) with a slightly curvy body. Other than that, the one-off also feature a demure face-up which I absolutely love. I can't envision happy, but give me a mysterious face or a face with indifferent disposition and I'll go head over heel.

All these doesn't sound so out of ordinary you might say. But throw in a limited set of the to-die-for DollHeart clothing, in white, and it soundly won me over. I really do love white outfit, mostly because they are so impractical. I could never really understand how anyone could wer white for the whole day, without spending unnecessary time worrying that any beverage or food they take or the place they sit or lean would stain their clothes. The fact that anywhere you go you rarely see anyone in all white outfit is a testament of the impracticlity. For dolls though, what's the point of getting something ordinary looking?

Frankly, I have accumulated quite a bit of SD outfit now, and other than a hoodie and a checkered dress, I am the most in awe with the white outfit I'd gotten from Alice's Collection. And knowing how much goes into a limited edition clothing (got the default set for Ony earlir, which is just amazing), I know the Dollheart outfit would just fit wht I am looking for.

All these are great, but they arent the clincher yet. What really got me totally senseless and rush in minutes after it was open for sale was the fact that they will ship out immediately after the transaction is completed. This mean that the doll I'm getting would likely be the same one as that featured in the company photo! And the price isn't any different from what I'd paid for Elf-Ony. Those totally won me over.

Now the waiting start. And you know, it was shipped yesterday afternoon and it's already on the flight here. I doubt I will get it over the weekend though, but four days' wait is unprecedented.