Here's another interesting question that came out from the FB group I'm in.

mostly BJD owner bond with their doll when they take photoshoot and style them with different clothes, wigs, props etc. or poses and interact them with other dolls.
but what kind of bonding do you do with your dolls other than that?

for me I usually pat their head, brush their hair,admire their face, and touch their small fingertips and toes.
and tell them so many times how cute and precious they are out laud (of course when Im alone in my room lol )

please tell me and share your story, I hope Im not the only one who are weird like this :D

I do agree that I came into the hobby because of my interest to look at doll images and to use dolls as models for my photography exploration. Changing clothes, eyes and wigs are also really fun at times, but can be quite tiresome sometimes too.

Myra with funky dual eye colour

However, the longer I own the doll, the more connection I felt, especially with Henrietta. I would often have her on my desk whenever I have my "me" time in my bedroom. I would often give a pat or two on the head when I turn and see her looking at me with interest.

Sometimes I would I like to have one doll sit on my lap while I do things like writing or surfing the net. I'll quietly whisper my thoughts to her sometimes whenever I hit an obstacle or when some random idea flies into my head.

Oh yes, I brought her to my workplace yesterday (on a weekends when I won't be bothered by questions by fellow colleagues). She would just sit and watch me, while I go on to complete some bench-work that I wanted to do. I did went on one day of medical leave this week after all, and it felt bad that the work just wasn't completed because of that.

Henrietta working on her lap-top, while I go on with my bench work